Brabant Open 2017 : results

Hello, first of all Judoclub Tervuren wishes to thank all participants to this year's Brabant Open 2017!!
The 11-th edition of our tournament had 385 enrolments and have fought on 5 tatami's!
We hope that, as we did, enjoyed our tournament and hope to see you again next year!

You can already download the results hereunder. The competition sheets and pictures will be uploaded in the next coming days.

Results 2017 and competition sheets

Podium pictures : Brabant Open 2017 Podium

The pictures are split by time of the day on which they were taken :

from 09h->10h :Brabant Open 2017 - 09u->10u
from 10h->11h :Brabant Open 2017 - 10u->11u
from 11h->12h :Brabant Open 2017 - 11u->12u
from 12h->13h :Brabant Open 2017 - 12u->13u
from 13h->14h :Brabant Open 2017 - 13u->14u
from 14h->15h :Brabant Open 2017 - 14u->15u
from 15h->16h :Brabant Open 2017 - 15u->16u
from 16h->17h :Brabant Open 2017 - 16u->17u
from 17h->18h :Brabant Open 2017 - 17u->18u
from 18h->19h :Brabant Open 2017 - 18u->19u

A team of ROB-TV television was present on our tournament, you can find then newsitem here :  Reportage ROB TV 2017

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