Length of the fights

  • U18 : 4 minutes + golden score
  • U15 : 3 minutes + golden score


  • 4 tatami’s of 7×7 meters

Number of participants

  • maximum 120 U15
  • maximum 120 U18

Start of the fights

  • 9h15


  • For the last planning: go the homepage

Tournament rules

  • Rules of VJF will be applied.

Contest rules

  • U18 : are done in a table with double repechage.
  • U15 : are done in a table with double repechage.
  • 1 weight category will fight on 1 tatami and all fights will be organized in 1 go.
  • Corona specific rules : please read Corona Directives

Medal ceremonies

  • Judoka’s need to wear their white judogi’s for the podium ceremony
  • As soon as the fights in 1 weight category are finished, a medail ceremoni will be organized.
  • On the 1 coach of the judoka’s on the podium are allowed during the medal ceremony : no other judoka’s or coaches allowed!
  • Coach and judoka’s wear a facemask during teh medal ceremony.


  • Medal + goodie-bag