Privacy declaration
Judo tournament Brabant Open

1. General
The judo tournament Brabant Open is an organization of Judoclub Tervuren , the Provincial Committee Judo Flemish Brabant .
Judoclub Tervuren attaches great importance to your privacy and the protection of your personal data.In this privacy statement we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data. We make every effort to ensure your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. Judoclub Tervuren will in all cases adhere to the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (aka GDPR Verordening EU 2016/679)

This implies that we at least:

• process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided, these purposes and type of personal data are described in this Privacy Statement;
• proces your personal data that is limited to only those information elements that are necessary for the purposes for which they are processed;
• ask for your express consent, if we need to, for the processing your personal data;
• have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data;
• not do not transfer personal data to other parties, unless this is necessary for the purposes for which they were provided;
• are aware of your rights as a concerned person with regard to your personal data and that we will respect these.

As Judoclub Tervuren we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If, after reading our privacy statement, or in a more general sense, you have questions about this or wish to contact us, please contact us using the following contact details:

Judoclub Tervuren
Adress: Ropoortbos 12, 3080 Vossem
Email address:

Via Brabant Open :

This privacy statement applies to all our current and former participants of the Brabant Open , people who show interest or showed for the Brabant Open , services or products of the Brabant Open, customers and prospects of the Brabant Open , suppliers of the Brabant Open

2. Why do we process which personal data?

Your personal data are processed by Judoclub Tervuren for the following purposes and legal grounds:

  • Sending information about our activities, newsletters and invitations (legitimate interest)
  • Organization of the Brabant Open ( contractual ground )
  • Maintain / process participant lists, sporting results
  • Keep track / process payments for participation
  • Promotion, PR and communication including
  • Managing social media by publishing general photos (legitimate interest)
  • Managing social media through targeted photos ( contractual ground )
  • Managing the tournament website (legitimate interest)
  • Publishing tournament results and winners on our social media and tournament website.

3. Which data do we process?
We may store, collect, and process the following personal data of your requests for the follow the objectives :

  • Identification data: lastname, firstname
  • Private contact information: e-mail , address, telephone number , judo club affiliation
  • Personal characteristics: gender, date of birth, weight, place of birth, nationality
  • Financial details (including payments, account number, …)
  • Sporting data (including category, results, …)
  • Visual material (photos, videos, recordings, …)

We only collect personal data that you provide to us in various ways (eg registration forms, fill-in and contact forms on our website, personal / telephone / e-mail contact, …). We do not collect personal data via third parties, with the exception of the information received from the affiliated associations / clubs or federations.

Not a single category of person will be the subject of an automated profiling or decision taking process.

4. Provision of data to third-party processors
We may provide the data that you give to us to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the above described purposes.

For example, we use a third party (processor) for:

  • the storage and processing of data in the cloud (via a Cloud Service Provider)
  • taking care of the internet environment (web hosting , mail hosting );
  • to ensure our members, participants and volunteers
  • the provision (and distribution) of newsletters and invitations.
  • the registration of participation in the Brabant Open via the registration module of the Flemish Judo Federation (

We do not pass on personal data to other processors (external service providers) than those with whom we have a processor agreement (via contract or adapted terms of use).

We also make the necessary arrangements with these parties to ensure the security of your personal data.

5. Providing data to third-party receivers
We share personal data with the following external parties:

  • The Flemish Judo Federation (VJF)
  • The Provincial Committee Judo Flemish Brabant

Furthermore, we will not pass on the provided data to third parties unless this is legally required and / or permitted, such as for example in the context of a police or judicial investigation.

We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties at any time. We never pass on your contact details to third parties for commercial purposes.

We can also share personal data with third parties if you give us permission for this. This consent may be withdrawn at any one time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing of withdrawal.

6. Minors
We process data of participants younger than 18 years based on the data provided during the registration process.

7. Storage period
Judoclub Tervuren does not store personal data any longer than is necessary for the realization of the purpose for which it was provided , taking into account the period necessary to comply with the legal requirements (eg in the field of accounting) . However, retention periods may differ for each purpose.

Judoclub Tervuren undertakes to keep data no longer than 10 Years.
or up to 5 years after last use (or termination of the collaboration)

8. Security of the data
The following appropriate technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect personal data against unlawful processing:

  • All persons acting on behalf of Judoclub Tervuren having access to your personal data, are obliged to keep the confidentiality of this data.
  • We use a username and password policy on all our systems.
  • We systematically back up the personal data in order to be able to recover it in the event of physical or technical incidents.
  • Our collaborators have been informed about the importance of the protection of personal data. Only the club management and head-coach have access to your data .

9. Your rights regarding your data

You have right to inspect and copy the personal data relating to you.
You have the right to correct and supplement when your data is incorrect or incomplete.

As a member of the Flemish Judo federation, at all times you have access , using your license number and personal password, to your personal data through the VJF website. Via this website you can adjust your data independently at all times.

You have the right to delete your personal data (deletion) which we have received from you , and which are no longer strictly necessary for the purposes for which they were processed. We reserve the right to determine whether your request is justified.

You have the right to limit the processing of your data: if you object to the processing of certain data, you can ask to stop this process.

You can also object to the way certain personal data from you will be processed. You have the right to oppose the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes (via opt-out possibilities in e-mails)

You have the right to request the hand-over of the personal data ,that you provided to us, to yourself or request the handover of that data upon your request to a third party organization.

Via the address at the top of this privacy statement you can contact us to exercise your rights, accompanied by a motivation of your question.

We may ask you to prove your identity before we can respond to the aforementioned requests. In order to prevent misuse, we can ask you to adequately identify you).

10. Complaints
If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data or about the exercise of your rights, we ask you to contact us directly.

You always have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (GBA) :
Drukperstraat 35
1000 Brussel

11. Change and to our privacy declaration
Judoclub Tervuren can from time to time adapt this privacy statement. The last change happened 16/01/2019.