Parking in the streets near the sporthall is allowed, however please note that in some streets parking is not free!
Please find here the different zones:

ATTENTION : for Brabant Open 2023

Because of a landslide The Duisburgsesteenweg has been interrupted . (see plan below)
The municipality of Tervuren has indicated a diversion.
As a result, it is not possible to park on a number of streets around Sporthal Diependal. (Purple zones on map below)

Even more than in other years, we recommend that you carpool as much as possible.
Just before the Sports Hall there is a Kiss-and-Ride zone (light yellow zone on the map below), where you can drop off your judokas while the driver can look for a parking spot further on.

To reach the Diependal sports hall, it is best to follow the route indicated with orange arrows on the map below.


Time in minute to walk from the various parking areas