Enrolments for 2021 have started!

2014 -> 220
2015 -> 268
2016 -> 374
2017 -> 386
2018 -> 485
2019 -> 510

Participants Brabant Open

Block your agenda on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2021!

Despite the 2 cancellations of the Brabant Open 2020, we are working very hard to prepare for the 2021 edition!
The edition of 2021 will again be organized over 2 days and we aim again for a smooth organization and quality judo!

If you want to make sure you can participate in this years edition, then enrol today!

See you on the day of the tournament!.


Schedule 2020

Day 1

Activity Cat Timeslot
Extra official weigh-in friday 18/09 U15&U21+ 20h30-21h00
Weigh-in boys U15 08h00-08h45
Start of the competition U15 09h15
Weigh-in girls U15 10h30-11h00
Medal ceremony 1 U15 12h00
Weigh-in woman & men U21+ 12h00-12h45
Medal ceremony 2 U15 13h00
Start of extra weigh-in U18 15h30-16h00
Medal ceremony 3 U21+ +-15h45
End of day 1 +- 16h30


Day 2

Activity Cat Timeslot
Extra official weigh-in Saturday 18/09 U18 15h30-16h00
Weigh-in men U18 08h00-08h45
Start of the competition U18 09h15
Weigh-in women U18 10h30-11h00
Medal ceremony 1 U18 12h00
Medal ceremony 2 U18 13h00
Medal ceremony 3 U18 +-15h45
End of day 2 +- 16h00

Corona measures

For obvious reasons
If in the month, prior to the tournament start, you have experienced Corona symptoms,
we kindly ask you not to come to Brabant Open!
The Corona measures that will be enforced on the day of the day of the tournament can continuously change,
we invite you to read them CAREFULLY before attending the tournament : Corona Directives

5 €/day
  • Access
  • Spectacular
  • Atmosphere
10 €/tournament
  • Enrolment
  • Opponents
  • Up to you now!

Where is it happening?

Sporthal Diependal
Lindeboomstraat 30
3080 Tervuren

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