Corona Directives

Last update : 07/07/2020

The corona guidelines for the Brabant Open tournament have been drawn based on:

Note: these guidelines can be further adjusted in the coming months, depending on the new regulations imposed by the government and federation.

  1. General
    • Respect the general hygiene measures.
    • Mandatory disinfection of hands when entering the sports hall
    • Limit unnecessary walking around in the sports hall. Use the marked fixed seats.
    • Not registered: you cannot participate and you cannot enter the sports hall.
    • Within the Diependal sports hall, there will be clear walking routes as to try and separate the incoming and outgoing flows as much as possible.Please respect these at all times.
    • The mats are cleaned at least every hour. In case of visible spots of body fluid, desinfection will be done immediately.
    • Fences and other contact points will be cleaned regularly.
  2. Judoka
    • Declaration of honor: Each participating judoka and coach declares with honor that she / he has not had a corona, has taken a corona positive test or has had corona symptoms in the 2 weeks prior to the tournament. This statement must be handed over to the cash register when entering the sports hall.
      Without this signed statement, the judoka or coach cannot participate in the tournament

    • Mandatory disinfection of hands when entering the sports hall and when entering the warm-up area
    • Mandatory disinfection of hands at the start of each fight
    • Weigh-in : weigh-in times will be spread
    • Keep sufficient distance from other judokas
    • Make use of the “waiting tents” outside, the Brabant Open employees provide smooth guidance to the weigh-in
    • After each weighing, the scale is disinfected by the judoka him/her self
  3. Coach / supervisors
    • The number of coaches is limited according to the number of registered judokas
      • 1-5 judokas (per day): 1 coach
      • 6 – 14 judokas (per day): 2 coaches
      • > 14 judokas (per day): 3 coaches
    • Coaches: guide their judokas and help ensure compliance with the Corona guidelines
    • When entering the hall, coaches are given an individual coach-hanger with which they can guide their judokas in the competition area. Without this, access to the competition area is not permitted for coaches.
    • During the camp, the coaches sit on a fixed place near the mat. They must not stand on the mat or walk to the referee or video-table
    • Coaches are encouraged to provide low-voiced guidelines during the camps
    • In the case of loud voice (shouting), the referee can decide to stop the fight, the coach can be asked to put on a mask and may even send the coach away.
  4. Spectators / Supporters
    • The tournament will be organized with a restriction on the number of supporters per judoka / club
    • There is also a possibility that the tournament will be organized without spectators/supporters other then participants and coaches. (will be confirmed at a later date)
    • Supporters cannot enter the sports hall if there are no marked places available.

As stated earlier, these guidelines may change in the coming weeks and months; therefore consult this page regularly.
Participants already registered will also be kept informed by newsletter.

Last update : 07/07/2020