Corona Directives

Last update : 12/09/2021 : visitor wristbands

The corona guidelines for the Brabant Open tournament have been drawn based on:

  1. Specific organizational measures for the tournament due to Corona:
    • Judokas whose matches have ended must leave the hall as soon as possible.
      • in U15 & U18 : The club needs to foresee 1 person that supervises these judoka’s OUTSIDE the main hall.
    • U15-U18 : organize the coaching as much as possible at club level! Try to limit individual guidance.
      • Weight cards and visitor wristbands must be collected BEFORE you pass the cash register.
        • Number of visitor wristbands in U15: 1 per judoka
        • Number of visitor wristbands in U18 :
          • 1 judoka => 1 visitor’s wristband
          • 2 judokas => 2 visitor wristbands
          • 3 judokas => 2 visitor wristbands
          • 4 judokas => 3 visitor wristbands
          • 5 judokas => 4 visitor wristbands
          • 6 judokas or more: 5 visitor wristbands
        • in U15  Weight cards (and therefore also visitor wristbands) for boys from 7.45 am, for girls from 9.45 am
        • in U18  Weight cards (and therefore also visitor wristbands) for men from 7:45 am, for women from 11:45 am
      • 1 visitor wristband gives access to max 1 person: a coach or visitor, the judokas can enter without a visitor wristband.
    • Weigh-in documents and visitor/coach bands must be collected BEFORE you pass the cash register.
    • Weighing female judokas : the female judokas will reach the weighing zone through a side entrance of the Sports Hall. This entrance is to the left of the main entrance. (at the Basketball court). Once the weigh-in has been done, they must come back to the main entrance and wait there until they are admitted into the main hall.
    • Coaches of female judokas can only enter the hall when their judokas are also allowed to enter the hall.
    • For organizational reasons, the female U21+ judokas will also be checked for a valid CovidSafe Ticket at the weigh-in.
    • Podium ceremony : limit the number of people who participate in the stage ceremony to a minimum! (eg max 2 per podium place)
    • Encourage your judokas and other coaches to do so
  2. Corona measures at the tournament:
    • General
      • U15&U18 : tournament WITHOUT Covid Safe Ticket (only a limited number of people will be able to accompany the judoka (coach, spectators) per club. The exact number will be communicate to each club in teh week before the tournament)
      • U21+ : tournament WITH Covid Safe Ticket (NO public restriction)
      • Mouthmask mandatory during movements.
      • Mandatory disinfection of hands when entering the Sports Hall
      • Limit unnecessary walking around the hall, and stay seated in the stands as much as possible.
      • Within the Diependal sports hall there are clear walking routes that try to separate the incoming and outgoing flows as much as possible, respect these at all times.
      • Fences and other contact points are regularly disinfected
      • There will be active ventilation in the warm-up room and main hall. There will also be permanent CO2 measurement
    • Judoka
      • Mandatory disinfection of hands at
        • entering the sports hall
        • entering the warm-up room
        • at the start of the camp
    • Coaches/Guides/Visitors
      • U15-U18 : The number of coaches/visitors is limited according to the number of registered judokas. The correct numbers will be made available in the week just before the tournament. Supervisors of the female judokas only enter the hall when they are allowed access for their judokas. This is in order not to exceed the maximum capacity of 200 people in the audience in the hall!
      • Coaches: guide their judokas and ensure compliance with the corona guidelines still in force
      • Coaches are encouraged to provide moderated guidelines during the camps
  3. Covid Safe Specific (U21+ on Saturday afternoon)
    • To be admitted under CovidSafeµ
      • You are fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before your tournament day
      • Or you have taken a negative PCR test from a maximum of 48 hours before your tournament day
      • ATTENTION: it can take up to 24-36 hours between the time of taking your PCR test and the availability of your certificate (digital QR code or QR code on paper!)
      • Whether you have a Covid recovery certificate of less than 180 days
      • Or You have taken an Antigen Test by a medically trained person less than 24 hours ago and it gave a negative result. (this is NOT a SELF-TEST
        More info:
      • Visitors under the age of 12 do not need to have a CovidSafe ticket.
  4. What should you do BEFORE you come to the tournament? (U21+)
    • Check if your CovidSafe ticket is in order:
      • Belgian residents:
      • Foreign residents
        • Bring your European Digital Certificate issued at national level (digital QR code or paper QR code)
    •  How can you check yourself whether your European Covid certificate will be valid on the day of the tournament?
      • Procedure available for Foreign residents and Belgian residents : via the CovidScan application on your mobile phone
        You can do this by installing the CovidScan application of the Belgian Government on your mobile phone.
        This is the application that our stewards will use to validate your QR code on the day of the tournament. You can download this application here:
        Once installed, start the application and select “Event (Covid Safe Ticket)” as the validation type at the bottom of the screen.
        You can now scan your personal Corona certificate.
        If after scanning your certificate you get the green message “Access to event granted” you know that you will also be granted access to the tournament.
        Otherwise you will be refused entry to the tournament and it is therefore best not to travel to the tournament.
      • Procedure for  Belgian residents only :  can also do this test in the latest version of the CovidSafe application:
        How does this work: open your CovidSafe app, select 1 of your certificates, scroll down and choose the option “Event Access”, in the next screen choose the date of your match at the top, if now under the date the message “Event access granted” then you know that you will also have access on the day of the tournament. If this message does not appear after you have chosen the date, you will not be allowed access on the day of the tournament.
        PLEASE NOTE: you can try this test in advance, but we DEFINITELY recommend that you also perform this test on the day of departure for the tournament. (especially in case you had to take a PCR test!)
      • There will be NO Antigen Tests offered on the day of the tournament, so in case the CovidScan gives a red result to our steward, there will be no possibility on site to perform an Antigen Test and you will therefore not have access to the tournament.
  5. What happens on the day of the tournament itself?
    • At the exit of the Diependal Sports Hall, you take a seat in the queue at a Corona safe distance from the others.
    • Specific for the U21+ :
      For a smooth passage, make sure you have your paper or electronic CovidSafe ticket (QR code) ready and also an identity document (identity card, driver’s license, or any other official identity document)
      You present this evidence to the flight attendant. He will check whether the identity on your CovidSafe ticket matches your proof of identity.
      If the CovidScan application turns green and the identity matches, you can proceed to the cash register in the hall. If the CovidScan turns red, you will be refused entry to the tournament.
      Only official European Corona Certificates (QR code) will be accepted. Other “evidence”, certificates, documents, etc. will not be accepted.More detailed information about access to CovidSafe events in Belgium can be found at
      Of course we count on your cooperation and understanding of the measures taken to allow this tournament to continue in a smooth and Corona safe way

These guidelines can still change in the coming weeks : therefore consult this page regularly, certainly before the day of your departure for the tournament.
Already registered participants will also be kept informed via newsletter.

The organization of Brabant Open.

Last update : 12/09/2021 : visitor wristbands